Audio Sans Frontieres (ASF) is a global charitable organisation that knows no borders, they provides high quality sound systems (mainly Funktion-One) around the world, focussing on areas that would not usually have easy access to high end audio equipment. As well as the providing the sound systems, ASF firmly stands by having a well trained and knowledgable sound engineer to handle the system.

With this in mind, a heavily experienced and well acclaimed sound engineer and friend of ASF, Russel Kearney (UK) was flown down to Nairobi to train upcoming and professional sound engineers in the region. This was an open and free of charge application based workshop that spanned over two days.

(Russel Kearney explaining fundamentals of sound engineering, with the new Funktion One install in the background)

Because of the new Funktion One sound system install at the Alchemist Bar – we opted to host the workshops there. Russel Kearney – who’s worked with artists such as Massive Attack, Bjork, Brian Eno, Jamiroquai, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Yukhiro Takahashi and many many more – headed the workshops and guided participants through the fundamentals of sound engineering, from EQ, filters, gating and compression, to microphone techniques, ringing out monitors and speaker placement.

Participants remained fully engaged throughout the two days, and by the end of it Russel engineered the band that is Chief and The Marshals on the new F1 install. The end result was very satisfying, and attendees left with the confidence and knowledge to begin or improve on their sound engineering skills.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved; Audio Sans Frontieres for their immense help and in promising a bright future for quality sound in Kenya, Russel Kearney for the invaluable knowledge he shared with us in the best way possible, The Alchemist Bar for hosting us over the two days, and all the participants who showed up with such keen interest for the workshop.




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