Midi Minds Kenya x PAWA254 Music Workshop

We began our year with a 2 day introductory Music Production Masterclass/Workshop in conjunction with PAWA254. We received an overwhelming response and positive feedback on the future of music production workshops in Kenya. We would like to extend a big thank you to everybody that attended and made this possible, and a special thank you to PAWA254 for hosting us and the lecturers, Marcus Ezra and Jeff Ndungu.

Topics we covered in this Masterclass ranged from basic music theory and the fundamentals of sound, to mixing, mastering techniques of a track and sound design.
The Masterclass was presented in a lecture style format with a Q/A at the end of all sessions. We had an encouraging 35 attendees that were selected from the 70+ individuals that had applied, on both days we navigated through the sessions from beginner to almost intermediate information that left participants with the ability to start creating music and a network for them to collaborate and market.

The feedback received from the workshop has given us a scope to continue future masterclasses & help develop a longer more progressive course, which will commence later this year. Stay tuned to our media platforms for the next ones.

Check out the video below for more info and how it happened:



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