Midi Minds Kenya in conjunction with Sasaab Lodge & Badasses Without Borders travelled to Samburu National Conservancy to capture and highlight the musical identity of the Samburu Warriors, Men, Women and Children, in form of a vocal based sample pack, a 2 part documentary format video and a various artists compilation.

Using the audio material, select music producers from Kenya and around the world will be given the vocal recordings/samples to make a full fledged musical production with, that will be compiled onto a Various Artists album which will be available digitally worldwide on all major platforms and physically in Kenya. To release the Various Artists album we will be hosting a launch party in Nairobi, Kenya. A sample pack of all the raw recordings will also be sold online after the VA release.



This project in its entirety is set out to raise awareness, financial ability and cultural highlight towards the Samburu tribe and community. After visiting the area, we found the most common day to day issue they face is a lack of educational infrastructure, and we firmly believe that this is a cause worth advocating for. From holding classes under trees to severe lack of teachers and staff, the community is not able to establish a sustainable educational system. The funds collected from the event and the royalties from the sample pack and VA compilation will go towards building a class-room in the primary school and provide sustained contributions to the teachers fund.


This 2 part documentary will feature an in-depth look into the Samburu community, the travel to the region and the recording and post production phases & processes of this project – as part 1 of the documentary. Part 2 will focus on the event, the building of the classroom Samburu Westgate Conservancy, and the showcasing of the finished productions to the community on a Funktion-One sound system, courtesy of Audio Sans Frontieres.


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